Minnie Jones Health Center
257 Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, North Carolina 28801
(828) 285-0622
We are a human-rights based Primary health care practice. Our Primary health care practice is characterized by:
Accessibility: Providing culturally competent care, when our patients need it, at a cost individuals and the community can sustain.
Comprehensiveness: Addressing the main health issues of the community and providing preventive, acute, and chronic disease care through a multidisciplinary team of professional, paraprofessional, and lay workers.
Continuity: Coordinating life-long care across all parts of the service continuum.
Participation: Supporting our patients’ engagement in all aspects of health care - from self-management to policy-making.
Quality: Systematically promoting safety, implementing evidence-based care, and tracking health outcomes.

A Federally Qualified Health Center in Asheville, NC
Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA)-Deemed Facility
Minnie Jones Health Center l 257 Biltmore Avenue  Asheville, NC  28801 l Phone: (828) 285-0622
Western North Carolina Community Health Services l Mailing Address: PO Box 338  Asheville, NC 28802
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